Evidence based sustainability

LCA-based reports for evidence based insights in the sustainability of your packaging portfolio

Why knowing for sure about sustainability is important

Make evidence based strategic decisions

Get insights in your scope 3 emissions and make well informed strategic decisions about your portfolio.

Match with customer demands

Customers have higher demands on sustainability than ever. You got to have answers.

Be ready for upcoming regulations

Hollow claims like “recyclable”or “biodegradable” are not enough. Upcoming regulations changes require proof to back up your claims.

Accelerate sustainable packaging

Know for sure what packaging is most sustainable, and make decisions in favor of our planet.

Accessible sustainability reports for all

Easy to understand reports

Reports are presented in a way so they can be understood by everybody (we tested this!).

Dashboard with advanced insights

Make evidence based decisions. The sustainability of your packaging in one overview, create new scenario's and benchmark your packaging to that of your competitors.

In depth analysis per stage

Details matter. For every step of the lifecycle stage, we show the outcome of our impact calculations.

Connect to your product management

Add Eco score data to your product management.

White label branding

Add our eco scores to your shop or share it with customers and stakeholders in your own branding and style.

Core values that make our eco score work


Our data is in compliance with ISO 14040, ISO 14044, EN 15804, and the LCA handbook of the ILCD.


The only way to make impact is by scale. We can generate eco scores for thousands of SKU's.


Don't pay €15.000 for LCA's. Eco scores are available from €4,50 per SKU. Contact us to find out what we can do for your portfolio.


We believe in transparancy. That's why our calculation method and data are available to everyone

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Publish your packaging with eco score on Pickler. Get found by new buyers and compare your packaging to that of your competitors.

Explore how our Eco score can be of value for your company

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