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We have been struggling with not having an evidence backed story for years. Pickler will allow us to support our green claims towards our customers.
Wouter Moekotte
Together with Pickler, we want to create our scope 3 footprint, in order to help our customers become more sustainable as a leader in sustainable packaging.
Roland van Bussek
Operation directior
Moonen packaging

Green claims that can be trusted


Our data is in compliance with ISO 14040, ISO 14044, EN 15804, and the LCA handbook of the ILCD.


Sources and assumptions that form the basis of our calculations are disclosed and easily accessible.


We use the same methodology for every calculation, so we can ensure the comparability and validity of green claims.


We will be going live in December 2022. 

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Pickler helps you to have an evidence and data backed story about the sustainability claims of your packaging.

Feel confident when talking to your customers, by being able to show exactly why your packaging is sustainable. It makes acquiring and retaining them a lot easier. 

We look at every step of the packaging life cycle. With this lifecycle analysis approach, we can calculate the total environmental performance of a product.

We work together with our partner sustainability impact metrics. For more information on our methodology, please visit ecocostsvalue.com.

We believe that the only way of understanding packaging footprints, is by looking at the entire lifecycle of a product.

Many current solutions, such as eco labels, only tell a part of the footprint. Claims about recyclability or compostability are about end of life, where FSC is only about the raw material stage.

These claims are therefore incomplete and tell a biased story.

LCA’s (life cycle analysis) are a great solution. Downside is that they are very expensive, hard to keep up to date and too complex to be used by non-experts.

With Pickler, we introduce a LCA-based way to generate footprint calculations at scale. We automated the work that is usually done by consultants and built a user-friendly interface. Data is updated automatically, so footprint calculations are never outdated.

We don’t stop there, but build tools (such as scenario products, comparisons and eco-forecasts) to translate this data to evidence that can be understood by customers.

Our analysis is based on the cradle-to-grave principle. We include the extraction and transport of raw materials, production and transport of packaging and end of life.

We are working together with non profit organization Sustainability Impact Metrics.

More information on their eco-cost model can be found here.

Pickler wants to counter the current wild west of green claims and greenwashing in the packaging industry.

We provide packaging suppliers with evidence based sustainability claims, so better decisions in favor of sustainability can be made.

This way, Pickler can accelerate the adoption of sustainable packaging and save emissions.

Pickler was founded by Koen de Beer and Daan van Hal, both serial entrepreneurs.  

In September 2022, Pickler got funded by APX.vc from Berlin; Europe’s leading earliest-stage venture capitalist. 

Sustainability Impact Metrics is a partner of Pickler in the LCA methodology.

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